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about us

Criterion Dynamics was initially founded around the beginning of 2006, designed to be a fresh take on an overly standardized, misguided patent research and IP consulting field. Here are some core tenets by which we abide:

A patent is ultimately nothing more than a marketing asset. And patent research is essentially market research. We are businessmen that specialize in research and understand certain subjects - such as intellectual property. This clarification represents a subtle distinction that affects the way we approach our services and our clients.

Time is money, but knowledge is more powerful. The opportunity costs associated with shoddy, or even less than ideal patent research are often much more substantial than the efficiencies and savings advertised by our competition. So, we don't advertise those things. Our primary concern is that our client receives the highest quality product possible. All other concerns, including turnaround time and price, come secondary.

You shouldn't listen to anything we tell you. In our field, work is typically kept confidential, the end client is often incapable of judging the quality of work received, and part of doing a good job involves telling people what they do not want to hear. And while other patent search providers may claim to have the art of searching down, year by year many patent claims continue to be rejected by the USPTO (or invalidated in court).

If you have any doubts, please reach out to us. Situationally, we may be willing to provide discounted work for comparatory purposes.

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