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                                    Bill Goldblatt,   president and owner

An Arizona transplant from Massachusetts, Bill Goldblatt has spent the past fifteen years or so studying the subject of small business (and large), working for a variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses, and working for his own small business.

He got his start in the world of IP and patent research working for Journey IPD, a small invention development and IP consulting firm in Scottsdale Arizona. This was a good opportunity to learn by way of experience in an environment where workers were required to wear multiple hats. He would eventually grow to help Journey develop a local reputation for high quality patent searches, while also helping the firm's clients, using a range of patent and market research projects as a means to influence.

Journey IPD folded in 2005 after the untimely death of its president and founder, Steve Gootter. Not long after, Bill decided to start Criterion Dynamics. It was at first more of a personal project than a well prepared business and slowly faded to oblivion, brought back to life at a later date. At the current time (July 2013), Bill is responsible for the completion of all client deliverables. More generally he remains personally committed to the quality control and oversight of all deliverables.

In his words:

" When I was first introduced to the art of patent searching, I at times encountered the opinion that customers should not be told how they could conduct their own patent searches. A patent search was considered easy, anyone could do it given the time to spend, and it was a service that demanded a nice fee, as well. I would eventually find that while this was true to some effect, it wasn't really so simple after all.

I would time to time come in contact with searches contracted by invention submission firms, and less repuatable attorneys, and I could tell that the searches were not thorough. Of course, this was expected. But I also came into contact with searches conducted by reputable firms, which clearly appeared to be done professionally, and by the book. And these searches, at least one that I can clearly remember, it may have turned up most of the most pertinent prior art, and yet it failed to locate the one patent which represented the closest prior art. And it was findable; I know this was the case, because I was able to find it easily enough.

This was not for a lack of professionalism, or the presence of ulterior motives. Rather it was due mostly to a blind reliance on age old search methods that may have been ideal twenty years prior, and were now considered the gold standard despite being less than ideal. I could elaborate more, and on different subjects, but this begins to touch on what makes us different: it revolves around the simple act of applying ourselves. "

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