Competitive Intelligence and Monitoring - Criterion Dynamics

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"more than e-mail alerts
& pretty patent maps"

Our monitoring reports are your own, personalized trade publications. Our thorough research helps ensure that important developments in our client's competitive environment - new patents and more - will never go unnoticed.

We do more than save searches. We use complex, proprietary search criteria that is broad enough so that we shouldn't miss a thing, yet narrow enough so that we can afford to manually comb over the results and weed out what is not relevant to you.

We become certified experts at researching your competition.
We are continually re-evaluating and refining our search criteria based on what we find every month. And when we notice imperfections in our criteria, we will go back and look for what we may have previously missed. Over time, this ensures that we do find "everything."

Our reports are executive-ready. When applicable, results are manually organized, indexed, and provided with a table of contents and an executive summary highlighting what we feel is of the greatest interest to you.

Monitoring reports are usually conducted on a "per product line" basis and on a monthly basis. The service can be customized relative to our client's needs. Reach out to learn more.

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