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"patent searches, Unlimited"

Patent searching might not be rocket science, but it is a science. At Criterion Dynamics, we approach this science with an entrepreneurial spirit that ensures our searches are not limited by convention, standardization, nor automation.

We do not set hard deadlines. It's not that we do not value your time. Amongst other things, it's that we know how much it sucks to wait three years to find out about blocking prior art that you should have been aware of from the beginning. Our searches are done once we feel we have done a good job (which is usually within two weeks or so).

You will know what you are paying upfront. No matter the project and no matter the hours, we will almost always quote a fixed price up front. This is convenient for our client and more importantly, it is most fair to our client.

We are usually up for a challenge. And we stand by our work. Want to test us? We just might take you up on your dare.

Standard patent searches will usually range from about $900 - $1300. To learn more, browse search options, and view our patent search FAQ. Or to get started on a quote, click here.

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